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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok, ok... this isn't REAL sushi. Technicalities! But this recipe keeps fairly well and can be taken easily in lunches since you'll be using cooked, canned crab.

For this recipe, you'll need:

- 1 pkg nori sheets (dried seaweed)
- 1 small can cooked crab meat (not imitation)
- 2-4 Tbsp mayonnaise
- 2 cups short-grain whole grain brown rice
- 2 Tbsp rice vinegar
- 1 ripe avocado, sliced thin and lengthwise
- 1 cucumber, sliced thin and lengthwise
- salt to taste

Prepare rice as directed on package. Allow rice 10 mins to stand after full cooking time. Stir in rice vinegar.

While rice is cooking, peel vegetables, slice, and set aside. Mix mayonnaise with crab, enough to make stick together and set aside.

On hard surface, spread a medium-sized piece of wax paper. Carefully remove nori sheet from package and lay on wax paper, shiny side down. Spread rice over nori sheet 1/4" thick, leaving about 1" on the edge of the sheet for sealing the roll.

Place vegetables and crab mixture in a long thin strip across middle of nori-rice sheet. Take edge of the sheet and fold over rice, carefully rolling entire sheet with rice, vegetables, and fish in middle. When finished rolling, seal non-riced edge with wet fingertips. Wrap wax paper around roll to compact and further seal.

Sushi roll may be stored in refrigerator, rolled in wax paper with edges twisted, as a candy wrapper.

Repeat with remaining ingredients. Recipe makes 3-4 sushi rolls.

When ready to serve, remove wax paper and slice sushi roll. Best served cold.

Notes: Nori sheets and rice vinegar may be found in ethnic food section of grocery store. Can use with other types of fish as well (tuna, salmon, etc). Health benefits best derived when using whole grain brown rice.

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