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Saturday, October 17, 2009


My story is probably similar to many of yours. You're going along, thinking life is great when suddenly everything you eat seems to make you sick. For me, I thought it was coffee. And while the acidity in coffee was certainly aggravating my poor digestive system, there was yet another culprit at large: gluten and gluten-based products. My online research revealed that gluten is one of the most complex compounds our bodies attempt to break down. Wow. And I have to admit that probably 60% (or more) of my diet consisted of this compound. As a student-musician, I do not have tons of time nor money to invest in professional-level meals, though I have quickly and recently discovered a new outlet for my stress: cooking. And making sure I can eat without getting sick. This blog is devoted to providing quality gluten-free recipes for the under-budgeted among us. My first recipe will come later tonight after testing :)

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